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Anna Santana Hair Company

Tinara Westbrook's Secrets for a Flawless Wig Install

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This is the long awaited install tutorial that you’ve been asking for, and I had so much fun putting this together for you. In this course I will cover; 

  • How to properly cut the lace on your new wig
  • How to install your wig from start to finish 
  • Products to use for install, removal, and maintenance 
  • How to melt your lace perfectly 
  • How to style your baby hairs
  • How to wear your wig when sleeping
  • How to pack your wig when traveling 
  • How to properly remove your wig 
  • How to freshen up your wig hairline
  • How to wash your wig 
  • How to remove excess gel
  • The correct climate to wear your wig 
  • How to install your wig in hot temperatures 

and much, much more!

For any additional questions, please email us at

How to use


1. To keep your color vibrant we recommend to use medium to low heat when styling.

2. When combing and brushing through hair, gently start from the ends working your way up to the roots.

3. Wash wig no more than once per week (depending on product build up/glue). This helps to retain the span of the wig. With proper care our units can last longer.