Our Story

When Anna Santana Hair Company Founder, Tinara Westbrook was fifteen years old, she saved all of her money to purchase her first blonde wig. She wanted to try blonde hair, without damaging her natural hair, and while allowing her natural hair to grow.

In 2017, Tinara was a contestant for the Miss Missouri Teen USA Pageant. She was advised to wear her natural dark hair, but she wanted to wear her blonde wig, because it made her feel so confident. Day 1 and 2 of pageant rehearsal, she wore her natural dark brown hair, but she would have nearly 5 minutes to style her hair between set times and photo shoots. She would constantly need to re-straighten her hair multiple times, and It was hectic. She knew that her blonde wig would make her stand out, she would only need to style it one time, it would look perfect all weekend, but most importantly, she would feel her best. She decided to go against what she was advised, and installed her wig on herself for the big day.

It was that experience that changed her life forever. Tinara was known as a shy girl her whole life, but after that day, no one ever referred to her as shy again. She left that pageant feeling so confident and proud of herself, and that confidence stayed with her from that day on.

After 8 years of Tinara creating wigs for herself, she sold her first wig.
" I love my natural hair, but there are no words to describe the feeling I get when I put my wig on. It’s an instant invincible feeling. You can decide what look you want, get that exact look, all while protecting your natural hair from bleach or dyes. You want blonde beach waves? A gorgeous dark brown blowout? What about a spicy red bob? You can have it all. You can be whoever you want to be, any day of the week.
My passion is for women of all ages to feel their best, on the inside and out. I want all women to recognize their power, and feel invincible, because we are.

I create each and every Anna Santana wig, I know the name of the woman it’s going to, and I think about her every step of the way. I strive to make sure she’s beyond satisfied with her purchase, because I know it’s much bigger than hair on her head, it’s how she will show up to the world.”

Founder/CEO - Tinara Westbrook